Franklin’s Virtues

Franklin’s Parking Virtues?

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I took this picture in a parking garage recently, where they named the floors after Benjamin Franklin’s list of seven virtues: Freedom of the Press, Humility, Compromise, Idealism, Humor, An aversion to tyranny and Tolerance.

it seems to me, in this election year, we should keep these virtues in mind while selecting a candidate, and perhaps keep in mind, how far the Country has deviated from these virtues over the past 8 years.



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4 responses to “Franklin’s Virtues

  1. financialaidpodcast

    I like that it’s a reminder of Franklin’s virtues, but somehow they seem debased as parking levels in a garage…

  2. Oh, I agree- it’s kind of what prompted the photo- it seemed like an oxymoron. The Virtuous Parking Garage? Next to a Hospital? Huh? But it did serve as an important reminder of qualities we should look for in our leadership and in our lives.

    I’ll take wisdom wherever I can find it, even if it’s in a parking garage.

  3. Ro

    Do the doctors park on Humility? Or Humor?

    I hope this does encourage thought on these virtues, if only to help remember where you parked.

  4. I thought it ended up being the perfect place to park for the Philly Social Media Breakfast, totally by chance- where better to park- Idealism or compromise? Or Aversion to Tyranny?

    It just struck me that this was an odd juxtaposition of values (parking virtues?) yet it also struck me how far we have wandered away from these ideals lately.

    I’m working my way through the Intellectual Devotional, and a recent entry on the French revolution reminded me that that revolution started with the Enlightenment and the ideas of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.

    Between Franklin’s Virtues and these ideas, you wonder what it would take to cause another revolution. How far out of sync would the US government need to get before a revolution happened again? Despite the Supreme Court’s focus on Founder’s Intent, how far away from Founder’s Intent have we really come?

    Like Franklin said :”Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    “Educate your children to self-control, to the habit of holding passion and prejudice and evil tendencies subject to an upright and reasoning will, and you have done much to abolish misery from their future and crimes from society.”

    We need to expect better of our government and politicians, and hold them accountable to uphold and defend the constitution. When the constitution is looked upon as an inconvenient anachronism, we have wandered very far afield from what makes us Americans.

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