The Parent’s Eye View is Moving!

Hey everyone!

The traffic here at The Parent’s Eye View has really picked up lately.  I can’t tell you how much this means to me, to know that people actually listen and read what I have to say, and engage in the debate occurring online.

In an effort to consolidate the number of blogs I have on the web, I moved a copy of this blog, and all the posts, over to

This new website will let you subscribe to the blog and search it easier, as well as give me a bit more flexibility in terms of changing and updating the site, as well as tracking the statistics.

I hope you’ll think about moving your bookmarks over to the posts at, and continue reading what I have to say.

To give you an idea of what I’ve been writing about over there, here are a few summaries of recent posts:
Strategy Versus Reality– all about how I I understand that elections need to take strategy into account, but I care more about being told the truth in the end.

In the Golden Age of Commerce…. Social and Financial Contracts-About how economic contracts between people work best when both parties have a social reason to do what they promised, as well as a financial interest to protect.
Economic Education- We can’t afford not to– This is about how every child should be taught how money works in school, and how I think we can’t afford not to make basic economics part of the curriculum.

Great Expectations- What Are Yours?-This post is about Philly’s Great Epectations project- a civic engagement project, looking to citizens to help brain storm solutions to some of the thorny problems facing any city today.

Trust and Transparency– a post not only about a book on Transparency coming out soon by my friends John Havens and Shel Holtz, but on how transparency may be the issue we learn the most about in the coming months after the recent collapse on Wall Street.

Are High Interest Rates Bad?-An argument that says high interest rates may actually be good and provide incentive for people to save and make different kinds of investments than the riskier ones found on Wall Street.

Relationships and Trust Agents-This post is about the book being written on Trust Agents by Julien Smith and Chris Brogan, and my fundamental belief that branding and customer service are the only factors left to differentiate products in the marketplace flooded with so many varieties of the same.

I hope you’ll take a look over there and check some of them out. I may continue to post here from time to time, but please expect the majority of content to be found on

Thanks for reading!


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