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Eating Out

Eating out and losing weight is really hard.  Things you might think of as innocent, like salads, can be total diet busters.  Cheese, croutons and fatty dressing can turn a pile of lettuce into more calories than a cheeseburger.  My favorite example of this was Einstein Bros Bagel shop.  Their Bistro Salad, even without chicken, has 820 calories!!!  With chicken, it’s 940 Calories!  A Big Mac has only 540 calories!  While 261 of the Big Mac’s calories come from fat, 610 calories from the Bostro Salad come from fat- more that triple that of a Big Mac!  I used to think I was “being good” by getting the salad, but I switched to the Bagel Dog (a hotdog inside a bagel) when I found out that had only 470 calories- a decent amount for lunch.

Today I took the kids out for lunch on this last day of summer vacation, at Ruby Tuesday’s.  I tried their Turkey Mini burgers.  A 4 pack would have been 1000 calories- I had the two turkey burgers with salad on the side, and ate only one, reducing the calories to 250 plus whatever the salad turned out to be.  But even with something like turkey burgers, where you expect you are doing the right thing, the calories are still insane.

Eating out may be the most dangerous thing you can do on a diet.  The additional stuff that goes into food makes anyone trying to be healthy and lose weight want to scream.  And it’s making me ever more vigilant about the numbers, that’s for sure.



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