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Producer: Whitney S. Hoffman
email: ldpodcast@gmail.com
voicemail: (302) 482-4599
skype: Whitney.Hoffman

Hi! I’m Whitney Hoffman and the creator of the LD Podcast. I have two sons, both with learning differences, ages 13 and 10. Besides being a mom, I am also an attorney, a podcaster, aspiring writer and professional pediatric logistic specialist. This blog, The Parent’s Eye View contains thoughts about new media, life in general, books I find compelling, and other thoughts that aren’t necessarily related or a good fit with my podcast, or my other blog project, GNM Parents. This is about things that I find exciting and compelling in my own new media journey.

I have helped organize PodCamp NYC 1.0 & 2.0 and PodCamp Philadelphia 1 & 2, Podcamp Boston 2.0 & 3.0; and have presented numerous times at Podcamps, BlogPhiladelphia, and this summer at Podcasters Across Borders.

What is the LD Podcast?

The LD Podcast is a weekly podcast about all aspects of learning disabilities and kids who struggle in school. We interview educators, authors, doctors and professionals who work with children who are having some trouble in school or have developmental delays, whether or not they have a diagnosis of a specific learning disability. Most importantly, we also talk to other parents who have kids with learning disabilities and have tread down this often confusing path before, to help you make sense of this world, and how you can best help your child.

One of the most important parts about the podcast is building a community. When your child is having problems and seems to just hate school, doesn’t like to read, or isn’t as successful at school as you think they could be, we offer strategies and tips to help you help your child. We also provide links to online resources, books, and other information you can use to help your child today.

Learning how to learn is the best gift we can give to anyone, child or adult. Education isn’t just about children, it’s about you, too. You need to understand how your child thinks and learns, so you can help them reach their potential. The first step is understanding how your child views the world, and then providing them with the tools they need to be successful. Without these tools, kids often give up on themselves and stop trying, thinking it is simply no use. This sense of hopelessness is the most destructive part of having a learning difference- it defeats a child before they even start to try.

Our goal through this podcast is to help you understand that whether you call it a learning difference, learning disability, developmental delay, or school struggles, all of these terms mean a child does not seem to fit in well at school. And while no one will say for sure what the root cause of learning disabilities are, we do know that they reflect a difference in the neurological wiring of a child. Each child has their own individual brain, a product of their genetics and experiences over time. Childhood is also a developmental process, during which a child will grow and change, and their ability to think and learn will be affected by how they view the learning process. We hope to help you help your child to love learning, and to be successful. As Dr. Mel Levine has so eloquently put it, “Success is a vitamin” that is absolutely necessary for the proper growth and development of children. Let’s help them be successful!


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Aileen Maconi


    Just read your entry about Podcamp. I am a total newbee to podcasting… ok I actually haven’t listened to any except 1 by apple on what a podcast is! I am exploring new media to work with my students. book marked this blog as I found it interesting.
    The thing I find with technology is there is so much you can become bogged down. You have to pick and choose the areas that excite and interest you.

  2. Hello Whitney,
    I ran across your podcast and enjoyed your writings.I am working on my own website for next year and it was nice to see how you laid out your podcast.
    I agree with you on the difficulty of Sarah’s position and life load.I do however believe that there is a bigger calling that warrants her to consider the historical cross rd that she finds herself at.
    When you read the history of what women like you and I as well as Sarah sacrificed for years along with a few men as well just to allow women’s voices to be heard through voting
    ,it is pretty significant.Also that no little girl has been able to
    see or believe that she could be president of the USA for 228 years and we have only had the right to cast our vote for 88 yrs this month.
    I believe her husband will step up to fill the role as primary parent(mr mom if you will)because he loves his family and he has already had practice as the first( Lady )spouse of a Governor.
    I am afraid however that many women will not see the bigger picture or the historical and life changing potential for our country to have a voice through a female vp that wears many hats of a mother,wife,and so forth as many of us do.It is my hope that we women will sit up and pay attention to the significance of this time in our history to cease the opportunity to stand up and break the proverbial “Glass Ceiling”in our lifetime for all of our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and young girls and future generations of women.
    Thank you for doing you podcast and sharing your wisdom and allowing others to converse with you on subjects you write on.Terry in Florida

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